Whether you're a small startup gym, or an affiliate box that has been open for years... we will work with you to see if RxGym is a good fit.

I started working on the RxGym platform with help from gym owners since 2008.  I'm also part owner of CrossFit Beaver Menace here in Colorado and more recently a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, which means I know personally how RxGym software can help your gym succeed.  

''Keep up the great work! I always get great compliments on our site. People think I paid a lot of money for it :)''
''We switched to ZP for a bit, but honestly we just weren't using what we were paying for... and your system is so user friendly, I regretted leaving basically a week after we did.''

Let RxGym help you save money and time. Your athletes will love the simplicity and easy access. Why pay $100's per month for gym management software and then pay more to integrate with your payment processor, then more for a separate custom website... when you can have it all in one place for one low price. If you want to keep your custom website and use RxGym for member features, we can do that too, it's up to you.  

Workout Programming, Benchmark Tracking, Class Schedule Signup, Athlete Profiles, Performance History, Calendar and Events, Electronic Online Waivers, Trainer and Class Reports, Group Emailing, Membership Management, Recurring Payments, Social Media Widgets, Hosted Website... and lots more!

All this is only $39 per month. We have partnered with an online merchant processor for CC and ACH processing. They have low fees and rates and give preferred service to RxGym customers. We don't charge anything for the integration to RxGym, you pay them separately to get the lowest rate possible!  

Paying more doesn't mean you get more.

RxGym can compete 1-to-1 with anyone on features that your coaches need and your athletes expect.  But nobody can compete with RxGym on price!

A good sales pitch doesn't mean a better product.

We don't have a sales staff or a marketing budget, we rely on word-of-mouth from satisfied gym owners.  It's the best kind of marketing.  It doesn't come quick or easy, but by concentrating on highly personal and reactive support since 2008, we have a reputation that speaks for itself.

Get a professional, interactive website up and running in minutes.  It will have all the bells and whistles we've come up with so far... plus, if we add anything later you will get it free!