Webhosting 101: Domains and Email
Web Hosting
We host your website. It is hosted on an RxGym owned server so you don't need to worry about how much space or bandwidth you use. The more the merrier for both as far as we are concerned. This includes all your data: workouts, results, athlete profiles, schedule, photos, custom pages, etc. You don't need to purchase hosting from another company, that's already part of what you get with RxGym.

Domain Names
You can point your domain name, like mygymname.com to your RxGym site. If you have multiple domain names, like .NET and .COM or different versions of your name, no worries, they can all point to your RxGym site. We do not register domain names however, this is done by companies like GoDaddy.

Most people already have email with GMail, HotMail, Yahoo, etc and we recommend continuing to use these accounts for your gym contact. If you want a custom email for your gym like janedoe@mygymname.com you will need to purchase an email account where you purchased your domain name.

Can I use my own domain?
Yes! You can point a domain to your RxGym website.

First, you only need the domain, nothing else. We host your website for you. They will try to upsell domain privacy, hosting, or business features... not needed in our opinion.

Once you have the domain, you need to add or edit a DNS 'A' record. Go to the DNS management for your domain, then add an 'A' type record with Host = '@' and Points-to = ''. If there is already an 'A' record with Host = '@' then modify that one. You don't want two with the same host.

Once you save the DNS changes, let us know the domain name and we will make sure everything is working.

If you have more than one domain, do the same for each one and they will all point to the same RxGYM site. Don't use 'forward-with-masking' because it uses frames, which can cause problems with search engines as well as potential security and cookie issues.

Can I customize my website?
Yes! You can customize your website any time, 24/7. Go to 'Settings' and choose the 'Website' tab to see all the customizable options.

What are benchmarks?
Benchmarks are workouts that athletes perform over and over to track progress. They can be any type of workout, simply add a workout to your benchmarks and it will be easy to find and post results. You can organize benchmarks into groups or 'boards' to make it even easier to find them and program them into your workout schedule.

Do you have RxGym apps?
Yes! We have free Android and iOS apps. They use the same login as the website and give you and your members quick and easy access.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

How does payment processing work?
This is a big topic, but we have partnered with Host Merchant Services to help simplify it. RxGym and HMS have built an integration that makes it easy to take payments through your RxGym website. Here is our partner website that should answer most of your questions:

What do you mean by 'all-in-one'?
We provide all the tools you need, and your members expect, to run a successful gym.

Hosted Website
We provide a fully hosted website instead of you having to spend $100s or $1000s on a custom site that costs even more when you want to make a change!

Membership Management
You can manage your member profiles, memberships and payments right on the website, no additional software needed.

Bundled Features
Other features can cost extra, but we provide them, like: online waivers, class scheduling, workout programming and tracking. All this with one login.

Having said all this, we don't mind if you want to branch out and use other services. We will help with the integration whenever possible. Just ask, we are here to help!

Programming Past Workouts

RxTV and Workout Timer

Automatic Email Campaigns

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask.